Elite book selection

Books must be of good quality and contain no content contrary to our company values of pro-science conservation and equality

Professional typesetting for paperback*

Adobe InDesign

Professional typesetting for eBook*

Adobe InDesign & Sigil

Audio recording editing for Audiobook*

Adobe Audition

Cover design*

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

If the author wants to provide their own cover, we will take those ideas into account, however we require that the be high quality and professional

Royalties direct to the author

Printing and distribution is done through the author's own account on KDP, ACX, IngramSpark, and/or Findaway, thus the pricing and 100% of the royalties are controlled by the author

Ownership and rights remain with the author

Authors can stop selling their books or sign on with another publisher whenever they please

An official publisher name

A more professional appearance than 'self-published' books, and a polished logo for the lower spine of the cover and copyright page

Library number information

Reduced price ISBNs, and advice about LCCN and PCIPs

Bowkers, Library of Congress, Cassidy Cataloguing Services

Author/Book Website*

WordPress & Brizy

Graphics for marketing*

Variations on the cover design or other graphics can be provided to the author for their own marketing campaigns

*Hourly work paid to Streamwood Press

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